With our broad understanding of issues affecting organisations in established and emerging markets throughout Asia Pacific, Shape Consulting works with you to:

  • Define and document new business strategies
  • Provide strategic advice about your organisation’s current direction
  • Align business practices with agreed strategies
  • Conduct reviews of business operations to identify opportunities for change
  • Identify business development opportunities and expansion into new markets

Strategy outcomes we’ve achieved

EDMI Limited

Design and implementation of a range of management services from 2011 to 2013 for EDMI Limited, a global manufacturer of smart energy meters. Shape Consulting implemented a comprehensive strategic planning process, which included developing a pictorial representation of EDMI’s business strategy to enable effective communication with global manufacturing workers. Shape supported EDMI to create a new business called Smart Solutions, and successfully guided the restructure of the business ahead of a global acquisition by Osaki Electric Co Limited in 2012.

SPARQ Solutions

Provision of management consulting services over five years to establish and guide the operations of SPARQ Solutions, an information and communications technology (ICT) provider to Australian electricity suppliers Ergon Energy and Energex. Services included a comprehensive strategic planning process and annual strategy reviews from 2005 to 2010. Shape Consulting assisted SPARQ Solutions to meet industry objectives (such as full retail contestability), reduce capital spending on ICT projects for customers by more than $100 million per year, and reducing corporate operating costs by approximately $20 million per year.

Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office

Delivery of eight separate projects between 2008 and 2013 to develop and implement Queensland’s State Procurement Strategy, which guides whole-of-government spending of around $16 billion per year. Shape Consulting assisted with strategy development, establishment of governance arrangements including a Procurement Board, review of the strategy every two years, and conducting a comprehensive review of the State Procurement Policy following a change of government in 2012. During the period of Shape Consulting’s involvement in the State Procurement Strategy project, savings of more than $400 million per year were realised.

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