At Shape Consulting, we provide the frameworks, tools and evoke the conversations required to stretch and develop leadership potential within your organisation. We remove the distractions and create a platform whereby leadership impact can be recognised and harnessed for sustainable change. In particular, we can help to:

  • Assess your organisation’s current approach to leadership development
  • Identify the benefits and desired impact of developing leaders within your organisation
  • Provide individual coaching for all leadership levels, from supervisors to senior executives
  • Design and facilitate short and long-term leadership development programs

Leadership outcomes we’ve achieved

Capral Aluminium

Planning and delivery of a tailor designed 18-month leadership development program for 65 middle- and senior- management executives to improve workplace efficiency at Capral’s Australian aluminium manufacturing business. This one day intensive course was designed to be interactive, action-focused, and to incorporate real-time feedback. Importantly, the sessions elicited conversations that were challenging and at-times confronting, to create urgency for change and a call to action around the priorities of the organisation. The program was headlined in poignant videos from key leaders of the organisation dispersed throughout the program to elicit reflection, commitment and action. The program led to a 30% boost in operational efficiency over the 18 months of the program’s delivery.

Hanson Construction Materials

Planning and delivery of a national ‘emerging leaders’ program for Hanson’s concrete supply business including ‘boot camp’ style development sessions and a mentoring program for participants. The program helped to share Hanson’s business vision with future managers, encouraging performance improvements as the organisation develops. The program consisted of a 3 day residential program, developed to allow experiential development of leaders around the strategic and cultural priorities of the organisation. The program involved videos, written exercises, simulations, role-plays and “real time” developmental feedback and was designed using an evidence-based approach. Post workshop activities ensured application of learning to the workplace through psychometric assessments, leadership webinars, tele-coaching sessions and individual developmental plan conversations. The program has been so successful that it has been rolled out across all Australian States and has become the key developmental program for leaders within Hanson.


Shape Consulting was invited to create and facilitate a program that would challenge leaders to truly engage with, and respond to, the needs of their people, peers, customers and the changing environment. With the sponsorship and active involvement of the executive team as mentors, 20 leaders engaged in a 6-month program comprising current management and leadership theory, experiential activities, 360-degree feedback, peer learning, coaching and personal reflection. The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention came at a time of significant change in both the industry and the organisation, with each session providing a lens to help leaders lead their people and the business in a time of limited resource availability, and high customer expectation. Initially a pilot program in 2012, Nine Conversations in Leadership™ has now been adopted by Powerlink as its primary leadership development tool. The program has helped tick many organisational needs including developing leadership alignment around vision and strategy, cascading leadership messages, leadership development and using peer collaboration for adapting to change.

Downer EDI Mining

Downer EDI Mining has over 90 years expertise in open and underground mining, planning, operation and rehabilitation. Shape consulting designed, implemented and facilitated the organisations’ leadership program suite (including coaching and communication skills, foundations of leadership and diversity programs). The program enabled the organisation to take a two year journey in facilitating the next step in the capability development and competence of their site-based leaders.

Bentley Systems

Planning and delivery of a global program for Bentley Systems’ senior sales executives to encourage a positive leadership culture within the organisation. The program was successfully delivered over 12-months using a variety of online and traditional media. Bentley chose the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention to support them in their strategic objectives to:

  • Lead an engaged vision and purpose
  • Build leadership team alignment to improve cross business unit engagement
  • Develop leadership skill to leverage the expanded territory

Since the intervention, not only have each of these objectives been realised, but the program has enabled the Bentley team to collaboratively define their vision of the future and work cohesively to implement the changes, initiatives and leadership strategies to achieve these goals. A delegate in the program stated, ‘‘Going through the experience as a leadership team, there’s no doubt that there is a common understanding of how we are working today – in terms of communications, openness and trust. There’s a common language, there’s a lot of healthy debating conversations that I have seen each of the team members embrace. It’s really raised the standard of our effectiveness in communicating our belief in a common platform, and creating buy-in to working together in this spirit.”

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