Shape Consulting works with your organisation to build a dynamic, constructive culture through effective objectives, values, symbols, working styles, systems and habits. We can help you to:

  • Assess your organisation’s current culture, and identify development opportunities
  • Prepare cultural development strategies for all or part of your organisation
  • Design and facilitate cultural development programs

Culture outcomes we’ve achieved

Towards “One Capral”

With a desire to develop the capability and effectiveness of his leaders, while also driving a collaborative and lean culture, Capral Aluminium’s Extrusions Manager approached Shape Consulting to design a program that would align leaders to one common purpose, facilitate conversations to develop the organisation forward, and guide Capral’s people to work together as a single community. Through a series of both formal and informal discussions with the participants of the programs, individuals reported:

  • Increased levels of staff engagement,
  • The occurrence of “real” conversations,
  • Collaboration across the business,
  • Engaged and visible senior leadership, and
  • Growth in personal confidence.

Most importantly, it was reported that the vision of “One Capral” had been realised and brought to life.

Logan City Council

Motivated by results achieved on the bi-annual cultural survey, the executive of Logan City Council was keen to understand how to move the whole of council into a culture of full engagement and participation, in order to provide a high level of customer service to the people of Logan City. In close consultation with Council, Shape Consulting was engaged to design, co-ordinate and deliver an innovative cultural change strategy that would result in staff members understanding how their effort makes a difference, and being accountable for the actions they take. The program involved the alignment of existing cultural change and leadership development activities, leadership and branch development interventions, work-based action projects, systems and process review, peer coaching, reward and recognition celebrations, executive coaching and 360-feedback. Within a period of 12 weeks, staff members were reporting higher levels of personal job satisfaction and engagement.

Anglo American Coal

Shape Consulting were engaged in the planning and delivery of an organisational culture development program for Anglo American Coal’s Moranbah North coal mine in Queensland. A re-assessment of their culture was conducted using the Human Synergistics tools – Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI). In addition to administrating the survey on-site at Moranbah (with over 600 people), Shape Consulting also developed a comprehensive Culture strategy (in liaison with both mine Managers and Executives at Anglo). Due to some major organisational performance issues, the original project was delayed and re-scheduled a number of times (this included a major un-planned shutdown for over six weeks). Key actions taken included regular engagement with clients, outcome- focused decision making and understanding of the complexities and priorities of an organisation with a strong operational focus. The program helped to integrate a new executive team with existing mine site staff, and drive a more constructive culture.

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