The Purposeful Teams™ Program

For organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals through the use of teams, Purposeful Teams™ is a quick and powerful intervention that awakens effective team performance.

The Purposeful Teams™ intervention is premised on the belief that ‘clarity of purpose’ combined with a ‘personal and shared’ commitment to that purpose, is the most powerful catalyst for effective team performance, and a means by which to develop ‘leadership’ throughout all levels of the organisation.

Unlike other team development programs, the Purposeful Teams™ intervention places the team within the organisational context, leveraging organisational mandates into team purpose and creating the space for the team to contextualise its reason for existence. Team members engage at the levels of the organisation, the team and the individual in order to make sense of the task and the relationship issues inherent in teamwork and to translate the team’s purpose into excellent execution.

The intervention consists of a two-day workshop followed by two half-day review processes. It brings participants together repeatedly to explore and cover all aspects of the team’s purpose from the organisational perspective, the team perspective and the individual perspective.

Becoming Accredited

The Purposeful Teams™ Facilitator Accreditation is designed to prepare facilitators to effectively deliver the Purposeful Teams™ Intervention. This is an intensely experiential accreditation, during which participants experience the Purposeful Teams™ intervention both as participants and facilitators, where they are required to deliver intervention content, facilitate conversations, set-up and debrief exercises and receive feedback on their facilitation skills from their fellow facilitators and the Master Facilitator.

The process is supported by self-assessment, peer feedback and developmental planning and, although the accreditation takes place in a simulated environment, facilitators-in-training will be asked to complete activities that normal participants would be asked to do.

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