The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ Program

The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ brings leaders together repeatedly to explore leadership from various angles – organisational, team and personal. It uses 360° feedback, peer coaching and personal development planning to create strong, committed leaders at all levels.

The program is an ideal program to foster the development of collective leadership through the building of relationships and connection of leaders in an organisation.

It does this by targeting the conversation at three levels:

Head Knowing (the Head realm) – Builds knowledge of the elements of leadership.
Heart Being (the Heart realm) – Prompts values-based reflection on the elements of leadership.
Hands Doing (the Hands realm) – Encourages behavioural changes to improve performance.

There are several core components to the program. Each ‘conversation’ is designed as a half-day session, with pre-reading and an assignment before each conversation, and personal development planning and action planning integrated into each session. In addition to the workbook and other materials provided, each participant is given a professionally produced audio CD of all pre-readings to allow convenient completion of pre-readings.

Sessions are usually spaced three to four weeks apart to allow participants the opportunity to implement key personal actions, as well as their action projects. This greatly enhances the transfer of learning into the workplace. Woven throughout the conversations is the core message of the choice around taking on a leadership role and the life long journey of learning and development which this entails.

The delivery framework has been tried and tested across the globe with a proven track record of 72% of delegates taking on more responsibility within twelve months. Participants gain access to global best practice, a host of contemporary insights through the online forum, and guidance on how to turn theory into practical leadership. The program is designed to have a transformation impact on organisational leadership.

This diagram shows the flow of the nine conversations, starting with conversations around ‘Leading Organisations’, moving through to conversations around ‘Leading Others, and finally ‘Leading Self’.

Niine conversations in leadership


Becoming Accredited

The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ Facilitator Accreditation is designed to prepare facilitators to effectively deliver the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ Intervention. This is an intensely experiential accreditation, during which participants experience the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention both as participants and facilitators, where they are required to deliver intervention content, facilitate conversations, set-up and debrief exercises and receive feedback on their facilitation skills from their fellow facilitators and the Master Facilitator.

The process is supported by self-assessment, peer feedback and developmental planning and, although the accreditation takes place in a simulated environment, facilitators-in-training will be asked to complete activities that normal participants would be asked to do.

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