The Heart of Leadership Program

The Heart of Leadership © workshop offers a powerful mechanism to accelerate and provide reflection time to a leader’s development journey, effectively supporting other key organisational initiatives.
During the workshop, participants discover something about themselves that they did not know, gain key insights into how they can have a greater leadership impact and deeply understand some of the critical issues that are associated with influencing a community of people to move towards a higher objective. The day unfolds in conversation, collaboration, laughter and insights through activities, robust theory underpinning the principles, peer coaching and self-discovery.

Becoming Accredited

The Heart of Leadership™ Facilitator Accreditation is designed to prepare facilitators to effectively deliver the Heart of Leadership™ workshop. This is an intensely experiential accreditation, during which participants experience Heart of Leadership© as both a participant on day one and as a facilitator on subsequent days. During the process participants will be required to deliver intervention content, facilitate conversations, set-up and debrief exercises and receive feedback on their facilitation skills from their fellow facilitators and the Master Facilitator.
The process is supported by self-assessment, peer feedback and developmental planning and, although the accreditation takes place in a simulated environment, facilitators-in-training will be asked to complete activities that normal participants would be asked to do.

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