Take some simple steps to realise your bold ambitions

Shape Consulting is a management consultancy which guides people, project teams and organisations to take simple steps to achieve their bold ambitions.

Since 1998, we have been known for our work in leadership and cultural development for large organisations, and as advisors to project teams delivering mega projects in collaborative environments.

We also support your organisation develop internal capabilities to maintain and sustain the momentum towards your ambitions – through offering a unique set of facilitator accreditation modules in our best practice interventions.


We help you, your team and your organisation to:

Accredited Programs

Looking to harness your talent for self-sustained strategy and growth? Shape Consulting can equip your people with the right tools and practices to support your organisation’s aspirations. We offer more than 20 different development and accreditation programs covering topics such as leadership, high performing teams, communication, mentoring and change management. These programs can be delivered for individuals, groups or entire organisations.

We can also train your corporate representatives to become accredited providers of a number of internationally recognised programs to develop leadership capability, bring your leadership team together, and align your teams with vision, purpose and strategy.

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Purposeful Teams™ Facilitator Accreditation

Purposeful Teams™ is a quick and powerful intervention that awakens effective team performance. The intervention consists of a two-day workshop followed by two half-day review processes. It brings participants together repeatedly to explore and cover all aspects of the team’s purpose from the organisational perspective, the team perspective and the individual perspective.

The Purposeful Teams™ Facilitator Accreditation is designed to prepare facilitators to effectively deliver the Purposeful Teams™ Intervention. This is an intensely experiential accreditation, during which participants experience the Purposeful Teams™ intervention both as participants and facilitators, where they are required to deliver intervention content, facilitate conversations, set-up and debrief exercises and receive feedback on their facilitation skills from their fellow facilitators and the Master Facilitator.

We are holding our next Purposeful Teams™ Facilitator Accreditation at Shape Consulting from Wednesday 16th November to Friday 18th 2016.

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